The Unknown Couple

We all have a defining moment in our lives that in some way. moulds us for the future.  I want to share mine…..

A long time ago….in New Delhi, India, I boarded a bus to get back home after visiting a friend. As usual, the bus was jam-packed like sardines and I was grateful to get a window seat on the bus. I could escape the crowded madness inside the bus by gazing outside and also take in big gulps through the window, of the carbon monoxide air outside the bus, which was pure compared to the air inside the crowded bus.

The bus had to go over a bridge and because it was full, it struggled to get to the top of the bridge. Whilst it was moving along, slowly, I saw a leper couple on the footpath. The man had lost his legs and arms and had bandages all over his body. He was sitting on a makeshift go cart and the woman was pushing him along. She had bandages on her hands as well, which meant that she had leprosy as well. It was a pitiful sight and enough to put a damper on any idealism that a young person may harbour.

What caught my attention was the fact that, they were laughing about something and seemed to be enjoying their joke very much. I was dumbstruck by what I was seeing. In the depths of misery, this woman and man found something to laugh about. That’s when I made a vow to my self. No matter what the circumstances or the situation I would encounter in my life to make me feel down and out, I would remember the unknown couple and inspire myself out of any negativity. Its hard to practice but if that unknown couple could find something to laugh about in their poverty and disease ridden bodies, then any of us with better means, should learn from them and enjoy every moment of our lives